Our vision is of a society in which the LGBT community are no longer labelled, are valued for their contributions, no longer feel ashamed of who they are or of who they want to be. An accepting culture that allows both traditional and modern lifestyles to co-exist.

Our Mission is to educate those who may not understand the LGBT lifestyle, that it is far from a choice. To educate our own community on safer lifestyles and help them access what help and advice they require. To educate our younger community and those around them to eradicate homophobic/transphobic bullying and behaviour.

To support our community when the need arises, to provide a welcoming LGBT social scene for residents and visitors alike.



We aim to provide a positive voice for the LGBT community, to be the welcoming, understanding and informative face for the LGBT community and lifestyle. By accomplishing this we can begin to change the understanding of many.

Education has many possibilities and we aim to dedicate time and effort to fulfil all aspects however our main focus will be;

  • Anti-Bullying (Homophobic & Transphobic)
  • Family Be-friending (Allowing family, time to talk and understand the lifestyle)
  • Safer Lifestyles (Online awareness, safer sex, general health)



We aim to represent the LGBT community in a positive light when speaking or acting publicly. We already represent the LGBT community on a number of public interest groups as well as some governing bodies. Our input and advice to these groups will always be based on the best interest of the LGBT community and the views expressed by our members. Below are some of our areas of continuing representation;

  • IOM Constabulary Scrutiny Inclusion Group

We are a member and provide information and life experience in helping the Island’s police achieve an inclusive operation.

  • IOM Media

We are the first choice when a statement, release or general information is sought for the LGBT community by a media outlet.

  • IOM Government

Although not directly under the Government’s supervision, The Manx Rainbow Association will be chairing an Equality Taskforce, this group of people will contain as many diverse people/cultures etc. and aim their attention to the Equality Act for the Isle of Man. Our suggestions and recommendations will then be put to the Island’s Government for consideration.



We aim to support the LGBT community in a variety of ways including but not limited to;

  • “Coming Out”
  • Homophobic/Transphobic Bullying
  • General Wellbeing
  • Safe Sex
  • Online Awareness
  • The Law & Their Rights

We work with a number of partners to achieve the level of support that the LGBT community is entitled too. We also refer to these partners and other external bodies should we not have adequate resources to support the issue at hand ourselves.